Montana State Defense Force 1st Irregulars MTDF

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Mission Statement
Declaration of Purpose
Formed in 2013, Montana State 1st Irregulars is a legitimate Militia pursuant to the ends of Amendment 2 of the United States Constitution, shall preserve the life, liberty, and property of all law-abiding citizens within its area through the preparation, training, and support of a lawful citizens’ group outside the jurisdiction of government. To better aid in the restoration and defense of liberty and assist local and state agencies in restoring law and order, Montana State 1st Irregulars and Its members have the ability to preform Search and Rescue, Disaster Relief and community outreaching missions should the call be heard and a need arises. Montana State Militia shall train citizens to defend ones self, family and community within a well regulated organization dedicated to upholding our natural and inalienable rights and the constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the Great State of Montana. Montana State 1st Irregulars is a NOT for profit entity soley relying on donations.

Who we are…

•Your neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members.
•Committed to assist and defend our community, state and nation.
•Dedicated to the multi training and preparation involving various disaster/crisis scenarios.
•Freedom-loving patriots.
•Citizens, retired/active law enforcement, fire, and military veterans.
•An organized militia under the US/Montana Constitutions and US Code.
•Sworn to uphold and defend the US and Montana Constitutions

Who we are not…

•We are not vigilantes or radicals.
•We are not a shadow, fringe group.
•We are not outlaws, rebels or insurgents.
•We are not a racist or white supremacist organization.
•We are not a hate group.
 Many tribes, many races under 1 nation!!!!

To support the Montana and United States unorganized militia(s) 
To defend the Constitution of theState of Montana and the Constitution
of the United States of America. 
To uphold and defend the Bill of Rights, seen as inalienable by our forefathers, and given by our creator to free men so that they may remain free. 
To support the County Sheriff, and those lawfully appointed under him. 
To insure that all citizens-regardless of race, gender, religion or nationality- shall have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as established and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.
Ethics- Under no circumstances will criminal behavior or racism be tolerated. We will not support any specific political party or candidate, nor will we espouse any particular religious ideology or doctrine.
Goals- It will be the goals of Montana State 1st Irregulars Militia to:



a) PRESENT itself to the citizens of Montana and the United States of America as a well-regulated, well-trained, well-equipped, and knowledgeable militia unit consisting of ordinary citizens  rather than trained military professionals.

b) ASSIST citizens in the event of natural disaster, civil defense, and in the defense of self and our state.

c) ESTABLISH a cohesive cellular structure able to operate jointly, instruct, and task as needs arise.
d) TRAIN its membership in the many disciplines necessary to the function of the militia as a whole, and its members individually.
e) EDUCATE its members that a knowledge of this nation's early history reveals how the word of God and man's will to be free...played such a powerful role in developing the firm resolve for just laws, a high respect for strict morals, and our divine right of free choice, which becomes the envy of every nation on Earth that yearned for freedom.
f) INFORM its members of local, national, and global events which could imperil the Constitution, and impact the direction of the country.
g) ENCOURAGE its members to stand against all tyranny internal and external which threatens to undermine our Constitutional form of government and these United States of America.

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