Montana State Defense Force 1st Irregulars MTDF

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One does not have to enlist into an active organized militia to participate in American patriotism. Keeping our American communities alive, healthy, strong and Constitutionally sound depend on Americans just like you!!! Since we are a non governmental, NOT for profit entity we are not funded by any Federal nor state agency Many of us here within the Montana State 1st Irregulars are ordinary citizens with limited incomes and the cost of gear/supplies and mission oriented expenses can take a toll on a single individuals pocket book..(We do the best we can with what we have.) With help and donations from you, we will be able to make a difference in our communities by utilizing 100% of those donations for the purchases of unit mission SAR related gear/supplies, assitance with fuel, long term storage bulk foods for needy famlies during periods of crisis or disaster, medical equiptment to be utilized in the "Field" and FTX training equiptment.
You do not have to activate into a militia..You can offer your support and patriotism in the way of donations
Thank you


The following CMF Militia ROE (Rules of Engagement) have been outlined by CENTCOM for the purposes of clarifying operational guidelines and mission parameters during domestic SENSTAT (Sentinel Status – Defined in Mission Objectives) and Wartime. Violation of the ROE will subject militia service members the Standard Uniform Code of Military Justice. We operate as a public militia and our primary mission at all times to be seen as the safeguards to American liberty, any action to compromise that image is an action against the CMF.

Domestic Wartime Defined for the Militia

The CMF Militia operates as a national organization, networking between local militias and CMF Partners. Domestic Wartime will be enacted in response to; seizure of firearms enforced by the federal government, unlawful amendments to the constitution, clear violations of sovereignty and etc. In order for Domestic Wartime to be declared, regional commands (PMCOM, CMC, ECOM, ATCOM) must be in unanimous agreement.

Concept of the CMF Militia Operation
  • If you are operating as a unit, squad, or other formation, follow the orders issued within the chain of command.
  • There is nothing in these rules negates your individual right to use reasonable force to defend yourself against dangerous personal attack when you or your unit are faced with loss of life or bodily harm.
  • These rules of self-protection and rules of engagement are not intended to infringe upon your right of self-defense. These rules are intended to prevent indiscriminate use of force or other violations of law or regulation.
  • RC (Regional Command) selected by states, will instruct their personnel on their missions. This includes the importance of proper conduct and regard for the local population of non-combatant domestic civilians and the need to respect their private property. All federally owned lands are owned by US personnel via the US Constitution and allow for facilitation and engagement of that land in situational need. Expect that all missions will have the inherent task of force security and protection.
  • ROW-CMF cards will be distributed to each deploying asset establishing legitimate identification.
Rules of Self-Protection for all Members

usCrow CMF Militia Members will protect themselves from threats of death or serious bodily harm. Deadly force may be used to defend your life, the life of another, or the life of innocent civilians. You are authorized to use deadly force in self-defense when:

  • You are fired upon.
  • Armed elements, mobs, and/or rioters threaten human life.
  • There is a clear demonstration of hostile intent in your presence. (Hostile intent of opposing forces can be determined by unit leaders or individual assets if their leaders are not present.)
  • Hostile intent is the threat of imminent use of force against usCrow CMF assets or other persons in those areas under the protection of usCrow CMF i.e. (farm/land owners, production facilities, power plants, religious establishments, communities and etc.)
Additional Elements to take into Consideration
  • Weapons: Are they present? What types?
  • Size of the opposing force.
  • If weapons are present, the manner in which they are displayed; that is, are they being aimed? Are the weapons part of a firing position?
  • How did the opposing force respond to the usCrow forces?
  • How does the force act toward unarmed civilians?
Other aggressive actions.

You may detain persons threatening or using force which would cause death, serious bodily harm, or interference with mission accomplishment. You may detain persons who commit criminal acts in areas under CMF protection. Detainees should be given to military police as soon as possible for evacuation to central collection points established with friendly civilian police (see paragraph d below).

The assets under the protections of the usCrow CMF National Militia have been threatened or are in danger of being seized. These facilities would include but are not limited to; coal mines, nuclear power stations, water substations, crops and etc. Your mission includes safe transit of these materials to the populace when not being deployed by National Guard forces.

Militia Deadly Force Requirements
  • You or your unit is being fired upon.
  • Clear evidence of hostile intent exists (see above for factors to consider to determine hostile intent).
  • Armed elements, mobs, and/or rioters threaten human life, sensitive equipment and aircraft, and operational success.
  • In situations where deadly force is not appropriate, use the minimum force necessary to accomplish the mission.

Patrols are authorized to provide relief supplies, CMF assets, and other persons in those areas under the control of militia forces. Patrols may use deadly force if fired upon or if they encounter opposing forces which evidence a hostile intent. Nondeadly force or a show of force should be used if the security of militia forces is not compromised by doing so. A graduated show of force includes:

  1. An order to disband or disperse.
  2. Show of force/threat of force by US forces that is greater than the force threatened by the opposing force.
  3. Warning shots aimed to prevent harm to either innocent civilians or the opposing force.
  4. Other means of non-deadly force.
  5. If this show of force does not cause the opposing force to abandon its hostile intent, consider if deadly force is appropriate.
Militia FOB (Forward Operating Bases)

Unattended means of force (for example, mines, booby traps, trip guns) is authorized in surrounding areas of militia FOB’s but can not deployed in rural non hostile areas. If the bases are attacked or threatened by unarmed hostile elements, mobs, and /or rioters, civic forces will use the minimum amount of force reasonably necessary to overcome the threat. A graduated response to unarmed hostile elements may be used. Such a response can include:

  1. Verbal warnings to demonstrators.
  2. Shows of force, including the use of riot control formations
  3. Warning shots fired over the heads of the hostile elements.
  4. Other reasonable uses of force, to include deadly force when the element demonstrates a hostile intent, which are necessary and proportional to the threat.

All weapons systems may be employed throughout the area of operations unless otherwise prohibited. The use of weapons systems must be appropriate and proportional, considering the threat.

CMF will not endanger or exploit the private property of the local population without their explicit approval. Use of civilian property should be compensated by contract or other forms of payment. Property that has been used for the purpose of hindering our mission will be confiscated. Weapons may be confiscated and demilitarized if they are used to interfere with the mission of usCrow CMF.

Operations will not be conducted outside of the landmass, airspace, and territorial seas of the United States of America. However, any RU (Reaper Unit) conducting a search and rescue mission shall use force as necessary and intrude into the landmass, airspace, or territorial sea of any country necessary to recover American citizens.

  • Hostile weapons are considered a threat to civic forces and the relief effort whether or not the crew demonstrates hostile intent. Area generals are authorized to use all necessary force to confiscate and demilitarize hostile weapons in their area of operations.
  • If an armed individual or weapons crew demonstrates hostile intentions, they may be engaged with deadly force.
  • If an armed individual or weapons detail commits criminal acts but does not demonstrate hostile intentions, civic forces will use the minimum amount of necessary force to detain them until custody of detainee can be transferred to participating police department personnel.
  • Hostile weapons or any weapon system that requires more than one individual to operate. Hostile weapons include, but are not limited to tanks, artillery pieces, antiaircraft guns, mortars, and machine guns.

Within those areas under the control of civic forces, armed individuals may be considered a threat to civic forces’ operations, whether or not the individuals demonstrate hostile intent. Commanders are authorized to use all necessary force to disarm and demilitarize groups or individuals in those areas under the control of civic forces. Absent of a hostile or criminal act, individuals and associated vehicles will be released after any weapons are removed/demilitarized.

Use of riot control agents (RCAs)

Use of RCAs requires the approval of the RC. When authorized, RCAs may be used for purposes including, but not limited to–

  • Riot control in the division area of operations, including the dispersal of civilians who obstruct roadways or otherwise impede operational success.
  • Riot control in detainee holding areas or camps in and around material distribution or storage areas.
  • Protection of convoys from civil disturbances, terrorists, or paramilitary groups.
Detention of Personnel

Personnel who interfere with the accomplishment of the mission or who use or threaten deadly force against civic forces, US or relief material distribution sites, or convoys may be detained.

  • Detained personnel will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Detained personnel that are American citizens will still retain all of their constitutional rights and the mirandizing of detainees during detention is a requirement.
  • Detained personnel will be evacuated to a designated location for turnover to police.
  • Troops should understand that these people are our countrymen and any decision to use RCA’s against unarmed hostiles should be an absolute last option.

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